Worlds Best Dog Training Game: Be a Magnet

Use my favorite dog training game Be a Magnet so your dog can't resist being near you.I am on a mission to keep dog training fun for humans and their pups. If dog training is EASY & FUN, humans and their dogs will be willing to do the time. Plus – dogs will get trained faster, better and more solidly than practicing the same boring sit/stay/come day after day after day…

One of my favorite dog training techniques is a game I call “Be a Magnet”. It works really well on puppies, as well as, adult dogs and reactive dogs. This game is a foundation exercise that helps you and your dog in the following ways:

  • It mentally tires out teenage dogs.
  • It helps puppies learn manners.
  • It teaches discipline to unruly, teenage dogs.

BE A MAGNET: The Law of Attraction

Just as a magnet attracts – you are going to learn to attract your dog. So instead of chasing down your dog or trying to make your dog come to you – you will use your magnetism to DRAW your dog TO you. You will become so MAGNETIC your dog won’t be able to resist being near you.

So- if your dog likes to wander off when you’re hiking, don’t yell and scream like a madwoman! Be a magnet. If – on leash – your dog is like a  truck pulling you down the street, don’t let your shoulder be ripped out of its socket! Be a magnet.

The Magnet Game teaches your pup that good things happen when he’s near you. Once he wants to play – guess what? He will choose to come to you or she will choose to walk on leash near you!


1) Load your pockets with a favorite toy and 50-100 tiny delicious treats. Make them teeny tiny.

2) Put your dog on a leash and wait for her to sniff and look around. Be patient and wait. The second she looks at you –  give her a treat! Do this several times.

3) Now: Slowly begin walking around your yard or a quiet park, and let her wander. Again, when puppy checks in with you, speak sweetly to her and BAM! Pop several treats in her mouth. Wander around for 20 minutes repeating this until you are out of treats.

4) Next: Add dog’s favorite game (TUG-OF-WAR* & squeaky sounds for example). So now – when he checks in with you – you will give treats and then play with him for 15-30 seconds.

5) Everyday make it a little harder. ie: Practice in a quiet yard; then practice at a quiet park; then at a noisy park;  then on a trail etc…

6) You want SUCCESS each step of the way! When do you make it harder? … ONLY WHEN YOU ARE BOTH EXPERIENCING EXTREME F-U-N!

*An easy game of tug-of-war is a super reward for many dogs.  However, be sure your dog gives up the toy easily if you play this game.

Want to learn more great training games? I’ve got a number of them that are sure to help your and your poochie play together better.

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