Building Value for Good Behaviors

Building value for behavior in your dogWhich sounds better to you?

A) Taking time to create the dog companion you really want; or

B) settling for “good enough” and living with a barking, leash-pulling, dog-hating dog?

Obviously, the first option sounds best, doesn’t it? But it takes a lot of time and work.

Did you know there’s a better and more fun way to train your dog? (You know I’m all about having fun, right?!!!)

Your third option (C) is building value for good behaviors you want from Fido. (I borrowed this term from Susan Garrett the agility trainer. Her website is:

Building Value
You can build value in dog beds, crates, waiting at the front door as well as people, dogs and cats. What this means is you’re conditioning the dog to relax & enjoy these things. You do this by relaxing, playing games, as well as creating fun, and enjoyment around these activities. However, understanding this is the easy part…

Here are a few things to remember when building value with your dog:

  • Play games with the crate or the dog bed or with  the stay. If YOU are having fun, your dog is having fun. I like the SIT-STAY-OK game:
    •  Have your dog sit-stay while you walk around the room saying, “good girl, good girl”.
    • Move your arms as you walk a circle around your pup.
    • After a while, say “OK!” and release your dog to run around the room with you.
    • Say “yeah!” and have fun.
    • Keep doing this in different parts of the house.
  • Feed your dog in his crate, or on his bed, or when you are walking past scary dogs. This helps create good feelings.
  • Enjoy spending time with Pooch on his dog bed or in the car if he’s afraid of cars.
  • Have a relationship while you are out walking. Don’t wait until she yanks your arm out of the socket. Carry treats and reward her for looking at you & walking near you. Try calling her to you and then pointing to something for her to sniff.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to training as well as enjoying time with your dog.  Make it fun and pleasurable for you BOTH!

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